How to delight your readers with every post
I took the picture above at a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.

From the front of the restaurant, it just looks like a little divey place. But being Yelp addicts, my husband and I couldn’t pass up a 4.5 star grilled cheese restaurant on our way back from north Miami.

We walked through the little interior of the restaurant and came out onto a wonderful outdoor seating area. I  grinned as I looked around the patio. Each table held a mason jar filled with these perfect pink and cream roses.

We chose a couple of low chairs and I sat and luxuriated in the perfect February Miami weather. He ordered a grilled cheese and a beer, both of which tasted delicious.

The entire experience felt delightful, like one of those moments that comes upon you unexpectedly, and that makes you fully conscious of the awesomeness of life.

Have you ever read a blog post that just lit you up inside?

Either because made you feel joyful, or empowered, or because it answered a burning question you had, or made you feel connected to the writer?

I have. And I’ve come up with a handy little acronym to help you write your own delightful blog posts:


Delight your readers with every blog post infographic

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Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

I’m a teacher, so I’m not going to just throw this beautiful image at you and send you on your way. Let’s take each of these concepts and take a look at how they work.

1. Delight

How do you delight your readers?

Delight means to give pleasure. It means to create joy.

What delights you?

For me, it’s beautiful latte art. It’s riding the Everest ride at Disney World. It’s really incredible food.

What it comes down to is this: Delight comes from truly experiencing the world. And you can delight your readers by giving them a post that really brings them in.

You can help your readers do this by bringing sensual details into your posts. By having a sense of humor in your writing. Delight your readers by surprising them with little unexpected nuggets of wisdom.

Your method of bringing delight will be different from anyone else’s. It’s really about taking what’s incredibly awesome about you and bringing it into the light.

2. Empower

Many blog posts seek to teach their readers something. But if you can teach and empower, you’ve got it made.

Empowering blog posts teach in a way that makes it really easy for your readers to be successful.

You can also empower your readers by sharing personal stories about overcoming failure and fear. But don’t emphasize how awesome you were for succeeding. Rather, shine a light on your own humanity. By sharing both vulnerability and triumph, you will show your readers that they can do it, too.

I feel empowered when I try something new, step out of my comfort zone, do something on my own that I never thought I could do. Help your readers feel this by simplifying seemingly complex tasks, by meeting them where they are, and by giving them the little push they need to move forward.

3. Listen

Find a way to listen to your readers.

Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Engage with them and learn what they need to read.

Then write it for them.

You can even interview readers for deeper insights. It is a really powerful activity.

They don’t have to be your current readers, just people who are interested in your topic.

To me, the best writing is a process of listening to what people want to read and then taking that and making something beautiful out of it.

4. Inspire

Inspiration is about widening the world for people.

It’s about showing them that there’s so much more out there – new ways of looking at things, new stories they’ve never heard before. It’s about showing them all of the possibilities in the world.

And it doesn’t just have to be Gandhi quotes. Inspiration can come from doing an awesome DIY project, or showing people that you’re doing something you love and that they can, too.

What inspires you? Write a list of inspirational posts for you. Analyze them. See how they inspired you, and then do the same for your readers.

5. Gain trust

Gaining trust comes from doing all of the other parts of the DELIGHT acronym.

But it also comes from showing up, and writing consistently.

It comes from showing readers you care about them by answering their comments, and by writing about topics that matter to them.

You can lose trust by doing too many promotions, promoting things that won’t benefit your audience, or by filling your site with ads. Show your readers that you deserve their trust because you give more than you ask them to give.

6. Help

Okay, so help is kind of an obvious one.

But it’s also an essential one.

Each post you write should help your readers in some way, whether that’s helping them learn to do something new, helping them look at things in a new way, helping them stay motivated, etc.

Even if you’re writing a completely personal story, ask yourself, How will this help my readers? It might help them by showing them they’re not alone or by giving them a laugh.

7. Tantalize

Tantalize is one of my favorites.

But it’s hard to truly tantalize your readers. To make them feel like your blog post is something they need.

What it comes down to is this:

If you know who is reading your blog, and you write just for them, your writing will be tantalizing.

If you write with complete honesty and clarity, and if you solve people’s problems, if you truly connect, your writing will be tantalizing.

It’s not just about knowing your audience, though. It’s about knowing yourself, and what you truly want to write, and about writing that. And writing it in a way that only you can.

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The next time you sit down to write a blog post, keep DELIGHT in mind:





Gain trust