How to Write Unforgettable Blog Posts

Before we get started, here’s my warning: Writing powerful posts has much more to do with you than it does with anything I share here. There are no formulas you can follow to make you a powerful writer. A decent writer, sure. An engaging…

Nail These 4 Core Elements for a Powerful Blog Voice

People always say, You have to have a unique voice for your blog to be successful. And you have to blog A LOT to figure that voice out. Which is good advice. But what if you want to define your blogging voice now? Can it be done? I think…

10 Questions That Will Help You Unearth Your Unique Voice

How do you know if your writing is moving you toward unearthing your unique writer's voice? It isn't easy. I don't have a microwave-ready solution. But I can provide a few questions for you to ask yourself when you struggle with how…