The 5 Steps You Must Take to Shape Your Writer’s Voice

Let me just put it out there: I hate the term Finding your writer's voice. I've included it in a bunch of recent blog posts anyway, because so many people seem to use it. But I don't agree that you "find" your voice. That makes it seem like…

10 Questions That Will Help You Unearth Your Unique Voice

How do you know if your writing is moving you toward unearthing your unique writer's voice? It isn't easy. I don't have a microwave-ready solution. But I can provide a few questions for you to ask yourself when you struggle with how…

How to find your writer’s voice: 20 writers weigh in (+ an awesome infographic)

Your writer's voice can sometimes feel like this elusive, nebulous thing. Many writers say that  you don't know when you'll find it, but when you do, it's like love at first sight - you just just know. I believe you can cultivate your…