Tarot for self-care and compassionate clarity

  • Understand what’s really going on inside your heart and mind
  • Gain clarity on how to be more aligned in your work and relationships
  • See what’s going on in your life from a fresh perspective
  • Get gentle guidance on making shifts to create more energy and joy in your life
  • Deepen your self-love and self-compassion

General Tarot Readings

Do you have a bunch of questions swirling around in your mind? Are you looking for guidance and a different perspective?

If so, a general reading is the perfect offering for you.

In 30 or 60 minutes, I will listen to your questions and then create a custom spread just for you. This experience is a conversation with your guides, where we ask questions, go deeper, ask for clarity, and gain support every step of the way.

Year Ahead Readings

Do you want a tarot map for the next year? In this reading, we will pick a card for each month, season, and astrology sign to help you understand the guides and energies that want to work with you at that time.

You will come away with a roadmap of what to focus on for the next year. It’s a powerful way to create a supportive structure for the next year.

A Conversation With Your Business or Project

Your business or project has a life and an energy of its own. In this reading, we will talk directly to your business or project, asking questions like:

  • What do you want me to make next?
  • I’m feeling stuck. Can you offer clarity on how to move forward?
  • What do you want me to let go of in my business? What do you want me to work on?
  • What needs to be planted now to grow the most abundant fruits in my business later?

You will be amazed at the clarity you will receive when you talk directly to your business or project about what it wants to become. Choose this if you’re looking for an infusion of creativity and joy in your business.

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