Hi, I’m Daniela.

I’m a teacher, writer, lover of tarot and astrology, tech nerd, Notion obsessor, and mom of a toddler and a goldendoodle.

I have spent the majority of my life trying – and failing – to fit into boxes.

Some boxes other people made for me, and others, I made for myself.

It’s so much easier to try to fit into a box than to try to stand out.

I want to…

Do a tarot reading for you

Help you learn tarot and astrology

Be your writing coach

Geek out about Notion with you

Buy my…

Digital tarot journal

Notion Astrology dashboard

Mini-course on finding your voice

2021 Notion Hermit’s lantern journal (with moon cycles, astrology, and self care)

Free stuff…

Notion tarot database

December Notion journal